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In addition to hardware and software, Merchant Applications Inc. offers a number of professional services to our customers.  With over two decades of retail automation experience, we are in a unique position to help retailers in a number of areas that require special attention.

During the early stages of your implementation, we can provide consultation and business analysis to help you determine how to best take advantage of your new system and what to do to improve your business processes.

Once you begin your implementation, we offer project management services to ensure that everything goes according to plan, and that your implementation progresses smoothly and on time.  Our expertise ensures the project stays focused.

During your implementation, we can train your people and help you to document all of the processes involved.  The real key to a successful implementation is to ensure that your people are familiar with their new system and that they feel comfortable in using it.

During the roll out phase, we can stage your hardware and do the actual installation with our trained staff of installers.  The installation process also provides an excellent opportunity to provide store level training.